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Genine sketching Rochester skyline.jpg

Welcome to 

"Inside My Sketchbook: A Visual Tour" 

Here you can explore videos showcasing the essence of my world and travels, captured within the pages of my sketchbooks.


From bustling city streets to serene landscapes, simple moments in my life or  little things I find along a walk, each video reveals the snapshots and stories that have left a lasting impression on my life.


Whether you're an art lover or a fellow creator seeking inspiration, I hope these sketchbook tours offer you an intimate window into my world and my art.

Sketchbook #80

This is a handmade sketchbook by CarkelArte here in Colombia. 


My daily companion, it was used to record my life and travels in Colombia, the US and France.


It was also used for demos while teaching. All of my drawing experiences in one book. 

Sketchbook #78

This Fabriano watercolor sketchbook was completed in almost 2 months most of which I was traveling. 


From Albania to Colombia to New Zealand there are plane interior sketches (quite a few actually), sketches while hiking, from the car, from boats, from a hotel room and much more.

Sketchbook #75

This Hahnemühle watercolor sketchbook traveled with me during my trips to Korea, Singapore, Canada, the U.S. as well as travels in Colombia and daily life in Bogota. 


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